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A Mom and A Dream: how Beckon was born for Nashville and Cape Cod home maintenance

Hey! I'm Isabeau- the co-founder and CEO of Beckon; but to be honest, that's the least of my titles. My most important one, definitively, is "Mama". I have three boys- ages 12, 6 and 4. I'm also supremely lucky to be married to a true partner of a guy- Shaun. We share the load in all ways. He's not only our company's COO, but he's the usual morning-kid-wrangler, dishes-doer, laundry-folder, date-planner. He helps with all the things, including carrying the mental load.

Isabeau and Shaun sit outside a home in Nashville, holding hands

We started Beckon as a short term rental management company based in Nashville in 2014- when we were just best friends and I was a newly-single mom who quite irresponsibly had just quit her day job to pursue the dream of entrepreneurship. Shaun and I, quite ceremoniously and stereotypically, dreamed up Beckon on the back of a napkin as a vessel to help real estate investors and property owners find, furnish, market and manage their homes.

Since that day, we've had the pleasure of managing over 150 homes across the United States, many of which have seen wear-and-tear and emergencies like you wouldn't believe. It's just about daily that we say, "Where are the cameras? We truly need a reality show."

In 2022, I was at my wit's end moving into a new home myself. While Shaun, as mentioned, is a gem of a human, even he had reached his absolute limit- Between the juggle of three kids, a move, a business, now-several-employees and life in general, our to-do list was piling up. I didn't even know who to call, but I needed to call someone. I didn't know how to find someone who could help with little things like hanging curtains, or accomplish big things like building built-in bunk beds. I didn't know if there was such thing as a human who would relentlessly follow up with landscapers or a pool guy. Or if I could hire someone to wash and prep my fresh vegetables for me so I would just stop ordering takeout already. I tried hiring personal assistants, but they lacked the hands-on skill set. Maintenance companies and contractors wanted to charge literally thousands of dollars for things that felt basic-enough to accomplish. Then, one night, one of our investor clients texted me and said, "Would you ever consider managing my personal home the way you manage my investment properties?"

A lightbulb went off. Of course: We already had a team used to relentlessly chasing (and achieving) the impossible. We had maintenance folks and carpenters on staff, cleaners who were used to insanely high standards, and thoughtful, hospitality-centric helpers who made my professional life so easy- it was so obvious that they could make my- and our clients'- personal lives easier, too!

Isabeau and Shaun sit in a living room

Beckon Residential (dubbed Beckon Resi) was henceforth born! We built Beckon on the premise of being a "yes and?" company: The kind of folks who can anticipate needs, or build worlds around requests. I'm excited to share what we're doing for our friends and neighbors in Nashville and Cape Cod/South Shore, Massachusetts- our two home bases and become the premier home maintenance providers in Nashville and Cape Cod: like a home concierge, house manager, interior designer, handy person, cleaner and home staff in one, easy and reasonable subscription.

Stay tuned here to learn more about our in-depth services, or click around and explore.

But for now, please know: If you need it done, if you don't know who to call, if you need a hand, or a skillset, or a neighbor, or an ear, we've got your back. It takes a village. And we're excited to be part of yours.

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